TWIN TURBO KIT Z34 T517Z 8CM - 370Z - (11520097)

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[Z34] GReddy bolt-on turbo kit T517Z-8㎠ twin

Product features

■This is a twin turbo kit that can be bolted on to the T517Z turbine on the 370Z (Z34) and is compatible with vehicle inspection and can be fitted with a genuine catalyst.
(Increasing the capacity of the fuel pump and fuel injector and setting the ECU are required separately.)

■The exhaust manifold and turbine outlet are made of 4mm thick stainless steel lost wax castings that are resistant to cracks and cracks.

■On the intake side, we have adopted independent left and right intercoolers that emphasize the balance of intake air volume between left and right banks.

■It can be used with a normal engine by installing the included restrictor (boost 0.6k or less), but if you strengthen the engine (forged piston) without a restrictor (boost 0.8k), you can achieve more than 500ps.

≪Test vehicle specifications≫
2009 NISMO
・Stock engine
・T517Z-8㎠ TWIN
・R35 genuine injector
・AEM fuel pump
・Version NISMO muffler
・R35 pressure sensor
・ECUTEK setting 
・Boost 0.6K to 0.4K
・Intercept 3000rpm/0.56K
- Restrictor included in the kit installed
- Boost 0.8K if restrictor not installed
 (engine needs to be strengthened to output approximately 500ps)

Click here for the power graph of Z34 GReddy bolt-on turbo kit T517Z-8㎠ twin


・Cannot be installed on left-hand drive vehicles.
- Genuine catalyst can be installed.
・In addition to engine mount, front member cover, and bumper processing, some harness routing changes are required.
-Due to the limited space in the engine room, we recommend removing the engine when installing the turbo kit.

≪Product composition≫

・Turbine: T517Z-8㎠ twin (actuator P380)
・Oil pan
・Washer tank
・Exhaust manifold, turbine outlet:
4mm thick lost wax casting
・Intercooler: TYPE16 twin
・Compression tube: Aluminum 50φ to 70φ
・Suction tube: Aluminum 60φ
・Air cleaner: AIRINX S60
・Genuine exhaust gasket

≪Separately required parts≫

・ECU setting
・Injector replacement
・Fuel pump replacement

[Compatible models] Nissan Fairlady Z

Compatible model: Z34
Engine model: VQ37VHR
Model year: 2008.12-2021.9

TRUST CODE: 11520097