TURBO TUNER KIT (1JZ-VVTi) TD06SH 20RX Actuator Type - (11510097)

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[1JZ]GReddy Turbine Kit (TUNER KIT)

Product features

TD06SH20RX is set as an actuator type turbine kit for vehicles equipped with 1JZ (VVT-i).

By using a genuine exhaust housing, it can be bolted onto the genuine exhaust manifold and outlet.

The compressor cover uses the same type of S cover as the wastegate specification with emphasis on suction efficiency.

This is a tuner KIT that requires intake piping production and ECU setting.
(Please be sure to install it at a professional shop with specialized knowledge.)

Precautions when using TD06SH-20RX


・At the minimum boost pressure of 0.95k (320ps), genuine injectors and genuine fuel pumps can be used (this may not apply depending on the auxiliary equipment).

・Blow-off valve must be installed

・Over 400ps can be achieved by resetting the ECU, replacing the injector, and fuel pump (outputs approximately 425PS at Boost 1.4K)

≪As this is a tuner KIT, you will need to separately manufacture and prepare the following items. ≫
・Compression tube
・Suction tube
・Air cleaner
・Hose, hose band
・Blow off valve

≪Product composition≫
Turbine body (TD06SH-20RX, 1JZ exclusive exhaust housing, machined aluminum actuator) Oil pressure
Oil return tube (For JZX100, processing may be required depending on the car model)
 Turbine side 1
 engine side 1 Pieces
/Gaskets: Turbine IN, Turbine OUT, Exhaust Manifold, Oil Return, Copper Washer

[Compatible E/G model] 1JZ-GTE VVT-i engine equipped vehicle

Year: 96.09-04.11

TRUST CODE: 11510097