TURBO KIT JZS161 TD06SH 25G 10CM ACT - (11510055)

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[JZS161] GReddy Turbo Kit TD06SH-25G-10㎠ ACT
     with use of factory manifold.

Product features

This is a vehicle inspection compliant product that uses an actuator-controlled turbocharger, so it is designed to be a replacement for the genuine turbocharger.
Layout compatible with genuine intercooler and settings compatible with genuine injector. (Boost0.85k=approx. 370ps)


TD06SH-25G-10㎠ (with GReddy reinforced actuator)
Adapter type
genuine catalyst exclusive
genuine air flow meter cannot be installed on genuine EX manifold

Turbocharger body
Turbine adapter
Outlet pipe
Suction pipe
Oil pressure hose
Other short parts set

Compatible model: JZS161
Engine model: 2JZ-GTE (VVT-i)
Year: 97.09-04.11 

TRUST CODE: 11510055