TURBO UPGRADE KIT FD3S T78 - (11540032)

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GReddy Turbine Kit FD3S T78 33D

This turbine kit has an independent bypass valve called a "wastegate" in the exhaust manifold, separate from the turbocharger body.

This is a high-grade product aimed at genuine users who have clearly determined the purpose of use of the engine and the goals of engine characteristics, and are looking for ideal engine tuning.

Product Specifications

■Turbine body
■EX manifold SUS50φ
■W/G R08

Genuine catalyst can be installed.
Air pump cannot be installed.

Compatible models: Mazda RX-7

■Vehicle model: FD3S
■Engine model: 13B-REW
■Year: 91.11~98.11

[T78 33D-17.0㎠]. TRUST CODE: 11540032