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Compatible model: RX-7

  • Compatible model: FD3S (for GReddy air funnel)
  • Year: 91.12-02.08
  • CODE:12040203

GReddy intercooler kit for FD3S

Sports turbine ~ Full tune class recommended Intercooler that demonstrates high cooling efficiency

Product features

  • Emphasizes cooling efficiency, maximizes charging efficiency, and supports high power and high boost.
  • The SPEC-R HG has the side tank and aluminum pipe buffed to a mirror finish, while the SPEC-R has a barrel finish. In addition, the core is CCP treated to improve corrosion resistance.
  • The inner fin uses an offset inner fin.The SPEC-R, which aims for high power and high boost, uses an "offset inner fin."
  • Optimized pressure loss and cooling effect to support high-level high boost tuning.


  • Core type: TYPE42F
  • Core size: H141/L625/W100
  • Installation position: genuine replacement


  • For genuine turbine only.
  • Requires GReddy compression tube (12040911), AIRINX SET (MZ-S001B) and battery change (38B20R).
  • AT not confirmed.
  • Cannot be installed simultaneously with GReddy radiator TWR
  • * O/C kit can be installed at the same time
  • *Reinforce processing required
  • *Bumper processing required