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GReddy intercooler kit GXPA16 

Toyota GR Yaris

Product features

■Adopts an offset inner fin that is approximately 1.2 times larger than the original core (core size: H141/L625/W100).

■By replacing the section from the turbine out to the throttle with an aluminum pipe (with air tube), it is possible to suppress the expansion and deformation that occurs with the genuine rubber hose and resin pipe, and to stably send air to the engine.

■The joint part uses GReddy silicone hose, which has high heat resistance, pressure resistance, and ozone resistance, and is resistant to deterioration.


GReddy type with air tube
Genuine air tube usage type


There are two types: a set that comes with a pipe (air tube) that connects to the throttle body, and a set that does not come with an air tube (uses the genuine air tube).

Reference working time: 7.0H with air tube 4.0H with genuine air tube


[Product composition]
・Core body (H141/L625/W100)
・Pipe body 50Φ
・Air tube (CODE: 12010215 only included)
・Silicon hose
・Hose band
・Special stay set
・Other short parts

≪Compatibility with our own products≫

CODE Product name Compatibility
12014640 GReddy oil cooler kit standard type GXPA16 10 stages

[Compatible models] Toyota GR Yaris

Compatible model: GXPA16
Engine model: G16E-GTS
Year: 20.09~

[for OEM air tube]

TRUST CODE: 12010214 


[With GReddy air tube]

TRUST CODE: 12010215