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The SP exhaust for iconic (EG) Honda Civic Si hatchback is back. This time the Supreme SP is tuned specifically for modified EG Civics. Designed to enhance performance for either bolt-on turbo kits or larger displacement engine swaps, this version features large diameter 76mm (3”) piping, with only a short inlet portion of 63.5mm (2.5”) to allow it to still bolt up to factory catalytic converter flanges. The large mid-pipe resonator and off-set oval Supreme SP muffler allow for deep rich exhaust note throughout the RPM range. Careful attention to routing allows for simple install, and OEM like fitment.


Chassis:  EG
Engine:  D16 (B series / K series)
Type:  XL diameter cat-back

Number of pieces:  3 pcs.
Piping:   76 mm (3.0 ")
Tip:   115 mm (4.5 ")
Gasket(s):    3.0 " oval (qty: 2 included) replacement
Resonator:   yes

Note: short length of 2.5" piping to bolt-on to OE style catalytic converter flanges.
Sound Comparison (SAE J1169) Test: 92* dB(a) - * with GReddy Turbo Kit.

HP:  +TBA  hp -* ideal for turbocharged applications
TRQ:  +TBA  ft-lbs

*Data collected on stock vehicle    *Retains catalytic convertor, front pipe    
*TBA = To Be Announced