SUCTION KIT (R)PS13, Z32 MAF (T517Z.S14 TURBINE) - (11920210)

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11920210 – RPS13 SR20DET Airinx Suction Kit with Z32 MAF

GReddy Suction Kit (R)PS13 Z32 Air Flow (T517Z.S14 Turbine Only)

Designed for the JDM (RPS13)180SX with the SR20DET, this Airinx Suction Kit allows for a pristine, high-flow air intake and turbo outlet installation to the factory S14/S15 turbo (or GReddy specific T517Z or T518Z upgrade turbos). It includes a free-flow AY-MB Airinx open air filer with a “funneled” filter adapter to allow it to be connected and wired to the popular 80mm Z32 MAF. Special, high polished, application-specific cast-aluminum GReddy suction (turbo inlet and outlet) piping along with hardware and mounting provide a complete package. (also adaptable to work with SR20DET S13)

The AY-SB and AY-MB Airinx air filters are made with a special dry element and then placed between our new dual chrome ABS spiral cages. Our special double-ply element uses 2 layers of 3-dimensional urethane foam (with different textures) to increase filtration and maximize intake airflow. The outer ply has a large opening while the inner rough layer is made up of a fine foam. The outer cage is a spiraled straight-fin design which helps promote air intake. The chrome finish can dress up any high-performance engine compartment and is available in two compact sizes.

*For competition (race) use ONLY. Check legality of aftermarket products with your local state, county, city authorities before purchasing.
**This product is illegal to be driven on public roads in the USA.