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PS13 / RPS13 (SR20DDET) GReddy surge tank for factory throttle-body

Product features

This is a large capacity surge tank specially designed to maximize the performance required of the engine by optimizing the collector volume and intake port for the shape and displacement.
The basic design is tailored to turbine replacement, and the shape is designed to allow air to enter each cylinder evenly and smoothly.


For genuine throttle

・Short port type
・Tank volume: Approximately 1.8 times the normal size
Since the mounting position is different from the genuine one, a special piping set sold separately is required. (CODE: 13920414)
- When using the genuine fuel regulator, a separate GReddy fuel delivery adapter is required. (CODE: 13900802)
 When using an external type regulator, GReddy fuel delivery adapter AN6 is required. (CODE:13900801)

[Compatible models] Nissan Silvia / 180SX

Compatible model: (K)PS13 / RPS13
Engine model: SR20DET

For genuine throttle

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