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Circuit Spec with ducting.
also fits Subaru BRZ

NOTE* - This is a JDM Specific 86 Kit, which requires the relocation of an electric module (brackets not included) See image

 (ZN6) 4U-GSE / (ZC6) FA20
positioned in front of the radiator, front right side of the bumper
10 row, Circuit Spec. with air ducting
Built in thermostat oil block adapter (operating temperature: 75c - 82c ±2c)
   (also includes GReddy M18 Sensor Terminal fitting (with 3 1/8PT ports)
light-weight nylon mesh hose & fittings
NS1010G core (+540cc or +0.57 quarts)
requires use of QX-1,3, SX-1,3 oil filter
* JDM Performance Info: (Click Here)

Oil Cooler Kit Standard 10 Stage Circuit Spec ZN8/ZD8

This is an oil cooler kit that has been repeatedly tested on circuits and has been commercialized in anticipation of everything from street driving to time attacks on circuits.

Product features

Uses a lightweight hose

EARL'S PRO LITE 350, which is used for oil cooler hoses, is approximately 40% lighter than general stainless steel mesh hoses of the same length, reducing the increase in load on the front overhang, which has no effect on handling. Reduce. In addition, the nylon mesh hose is made of flame-retardant material that is flexible and does not attack the body easily, making it easier to pass under complex headlights and inside bumpers, improving work efficiency.

Development of direct fitting

The connection of the oil line to the oil block and oil cooler core is achieved by developing a ``direct fitting'' that allows direct piping to each part instead of the conventional female-male-female connection method, realizing a stress-free oil line. . In addition, problems such as oil leakage are minimized by reducing the number of connection points.

Combined with genuine water-cooled oil cooler

Although water-cooled oil coolers are generally able to suppress increases in oil temperature during intense sports driving due to their structure, they tend to increase water temperature more easily. In our own tests, we collected data on circuits run under harsh conditions, both when using both a water-cooled oil cooler and an air-cooled oil cooler, and when running only with an air-cooled oil cooler. As a result, we found that both water and oil temperatures were more stable when the genuine water-cooled oil cooler and our air-cooled oil cooler were used together, so we created a product that takes advantage of both.

Equipped with inlet duct & outlet net as standard

The oil cooler core is set up next to the radiator to avoid heat damage to the radiator and air conditioner condenser. In addition, by equipping the core body with a wind guide plate, stable cooling performance is maintained by sending the driving wind taken in from the front to the rear exhaust port located inside the inner fender.

Adopts aluminum core

The oil cooler core is made of aluminum, which is lightweight and has excellent heat dissipation performance, and the surface is coated with GReddy clear blue paint to greatly improve durability and corrosion resistance. (With GReddy logo)

Can be worn all season

The oil block included in the kit has a built-in thermostat as standard, which prevents overcooling in the winter and makes it an oil cooler that can be installed in all seasons. In addition, by replacing the plug union with a separately sold sensor adapter (CODE: 16400720), it is possible to install a retrofitted meter sensor. *1/8PT size

Maintain oil condition

By installing an oil cooler, the oil temperature is stabilized, which prevents rapid deterioration of the engine oil itself, maintains lubrication, cleaning, and rust prevention properties, and extends the life of the engine.



●Core location: Inside the right fender
●Thermostat: Internal (operating temperature 75°C to 82°C ±2°C)
●Hose: R's Prolite 350 (#10)
●Fitting: GReddy direct fitting adopted
*BRZ (ZD8) has a secure opening. Therefore, some cutting of the bumper is required. GR86 (ZN8) is unprocessed.
*When installing an outlet net, cutting of the inner fender is required.
*When installing sensors (oil temperature/oil pressure), an M18 sensor adapter is required separately. Sensor terminal cannot be installed.
*Estimated oil change amount when the oil cooler kit is installed is [genuine oil change amount + 1L].

Reference working time: 4.0 H

[Compatible models] Toyota GR86 / Subaru BRZ

Compatible model: ZN8 / ZD8
Engine model:
FA24 Year : 2021.10~ / 2021.08~
TRUST CODE: 12014641