OIL COOLER KIT STD 13-ROW - BNR34 - (12024636)

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GReddy oil cooler kit STD 13row BNR34

Mount the oil cooler core inside the left bumper

Product features

■Oil cooler kit that maintains stable oil temperature with high heat dissipation and low pressure loss.

■The hose uses a nylon mesh hose that is flexible, lightweight, easy to install, and less aggressive to the body.

■A 13-stage core is adopted, and the oil cooler core is mounted inside the left bumper.


■ Oil cooler core 13 stages L299 x H185.4 x W50

■ Oil block with built-in thermostat

Operating temperature 75℃~82℃±2℃

■Installed inside the LH front bumper

■ Nylon mesh hose

■ Trust original fitting

Compatible model: Skyline GT-R

Vehicle model: BNR34 E/G
model: RB26 DETT
Year model: 99.01~02.08