OIL COOLER KIT 86 CIRUIT-SPEC W/DUCT 2017-20 - (12014638)

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 GReddy Oil Cooler Kit Circuit Spec
ZN6 MC After

Due to the manner change, the shape of the air cleaner box, headlight, and bumper has been changed, and
the hose length and air guide plate (86) have been newly designed for later models.

Product features

  • The oil cooler core is installed on the right side of the front bumper opening where it will not affect the radiator.
  • The oil cooler hose uses a nylon mesh hose that is lightweight, flexible, easy to install, and less aggressive to the body.
  • By installing a wind guide plate, the effect is -8℃ compared to without a wind guide plate.


  • Engine oil cooler 10 stages (NS1010G)
  • Built-in thermostat (operating temperature 75°C to 82°C ±2°C)
  • Air guide plate included
  • Engine oil volume when oil cooler is installed: approx. 6 liters (normal 5.2 liters)


  • GReddy oil cooler sensor terminal included ((code 12401178) 1/8PT meter sensor can be installed)

Circuit specs (with wind guide plate)

Compatible models: 86

  • Vehicle model: ZN6
  • Year: 16.08~
  • CODE:12014638