INTAKE AIR DUCT GR86 - (12515002)

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GReddy Direct Air Intake GR86(ZN8)/BRZ(ZD8)

Product features

●This is an air intake duct that directly takes in the driving wind. (Made of PP: Polypropylene vacuum forming)
 Replacement installation with the genuine air intake duct whose intake port is hidden behind the bumper. 300g lighter than our FRP products for ZN6/ZC6.

●A large duct intake port is installed in the radiator grille to actively draw fresh air into the air cleaner.


●Compatible with genuine cleaner box.
●Product installation requires removing and removing the Fr bumper, drilling and machining the reinforcement, and cutting the energy absorber (styrofoam).

●Package size: W285 x D355 x H375 mm
●Package weight: 1.2kg

Reference cut dimensions of energy absorber

・Cut (using an air saw, saw, cutter, etc.) referring to the diagram below.

*Approximate dimensions. Please cut it into smaller pieces and gradually finish it according to the vehicle.