HEAD GASKET NISSAN R35 GTR 96MM - (13521400)

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13521400 – NISSAN VR38 METAL HEAD GASKET - Bore:96.0mm, Thickness: 0.9mm
13521401 – NISSAN RB26 METAL HEAD GASKET - Bore:99.0mm, Thickness: 0.9mm
13521402 – NISSAN RB26 METAL HEAD GASKET - Bore:100.0mm, Thickness: 0.9mm

[VR38] GReddy Metal Head Gasket
Ensures high surface pressure and prevents combustion gas pressure from escaping.

Product features
High surface pressure is ensured by using a grommet type. Prevents combustion gas pressure from escaping due to high boost.  


■Grommet type metal head gasket
■Bore diameter φ96.0
■Thickness 0.9mm  

[Compatible models] Nissan GT-R  

Compatible model: R35
Engine model: VR38DETT
Model year: 07.12~