GREDDY XROSS MUFFLER G-STYLE JB64W 50#-50#X2-90#X2 - (10193800)

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Product features

Adopts the straight structure that is well-received by GReddy mufflers and pursues high performance.

Heat gradation is applied to the tail to create a sporty image.

Equipped with a GReddy logo plate* inspired by a skid plate. (Removable)

Achieves pleasant sound and high exhaust efficiency without sacrificing comfort.

*Design registered

Product Specifications

■Division/caliber: 2 divisions 50φ to 50φx2
■Replacement part: After the catalyst
■Tail shape: 90Φ heat gradation
■Material: SUS
■Genuine proximity exhaust noise: 79dB/4500rpm
■Proximity exhaust noise: Right 83dB: Left 81dB /4500rpm

Vehicle inspection compatible, 2010 noise regulation compliant 


●Front section 
●Rear section
●Logo plate
○Washer etc.

Compatible models: Suzuki Jimny

■Vehicle model: 3BA-JB64W
■Engine model: R06A
■Year: 18.07~
■Drive system: 4WD
■AT/MT installation possible