GREDDY STENCIL SM 15"X2.125" - (12099996)

Sale price$12.00

GReddy Logo Stencil (intercooler sold separately)

Proud of your GReddy Intercooler or Radiator?  By using this GReddy Logo Stencil, you can easily get that JDM look for your vehicle's front end.  Perfectly sized pre-cut, precision GReddy logo stencils.  Available in two perfect sizes. 

Select between a Large size (22.5" X 3.125" Logo on a 26" X 6.75" plastic sheet)  or a Small size (15" X 2.125" Logo on a 18.5" X 5.5" plastic sheet)  New 10mil bridged material allows for many uses.  You can also flip the sheet over for reverse logos.

Use stencil and additional making tape to mask off possible over spray areas, then use your choice of colored spray paint to brand your intercooler, radiator or whatever you can think of...