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10123310 - GReddy Power Extreme R RZ34 70φX2-115φX2

Product Features

●70φ full dual muffler replaced after the catalytic converter.
●The silencer is completely straight with no constrictions or bulkheads.
●The rear horizontally placed dual silencers are fitted with a GReddy logo plate for an improved dress-up effect.


●Complies with 2010 noise regulations
●Close-range exhaust noise: 84dB (right) 85dB (left) / 4800rpm
●Factory close-range exhaust noise: 82dB (right) 82dB (left) / 4800rpm
●Ground clearance: 92mm [left front flange / rear member lower pipe] (measured vehicle was lowered)
●Fender height: right front 679mm, left front 681mm, right rear 678mm, left rear 675mm
●Division/aperture: 5 divisions / 70φ
●Replacement area: second catalyst section and onwards
●Tail shape: 115φ N/S GTS
●Material: SUS

Product Configuration

Muffler body
gasket (oval 60Φ) 2 pieces
Gasket (oval 70Φ) 5 pieces
Other short parts

[Compatible models] Nissan Fairlady Z

Vehicle model: 3BA-RZ34
Engine model: VR30DDTT
Year: 2022.4~
*MT only CODE: 10123310