GReddy Nylon Braided -04, 06, 08, 10, 12, 16 Hoses - (12850400 12850600 12850800 12851000 12851200 12851600)

Unique proprietary GReddy-colored, high-performance reusable nylon braided hoses.  Greddy hoses are braided in the famous brand colors, we only recommend using Greddy branded hose with hose end fittings, as it has been tested and validated to perform together. 

GReddy -4, -6, -8, -10, -12, -16 Nylon Hoses with more sizes coming soon...  

 $ 5.50/ft.   12850400 - AN04, Nylon Hose
 $ 6.75
/ft.   12850600 - AN06, Nylon Hose
 $ 8.00/ft.   12850800 - AN08, Nylon Hose
 $ 9.50/ft.   12851000 - AN10, Nylon Hose
 $11.75/ft12851200 - AN12, Nylon Hose
 $13.75/ft.  12851600 - AN16, Nylon Hose

* also see optional GReddy Heat Sleeves

Greddy hoses compatible with reusable compression fittings have a CPE (chlorinated polyethylene) hose liner to resist corrosive fuels and are suitable for E85 fuels and oils that may be contaminated by the use of E85 in engines. Over time, these liners can be abraded by constant use, as well as heat and environmental factors affecting the performance of the rubber hose, causing cracks or degradation, we recommend that hose assembles should be inspected yearly and the hose material be changed every 5 years to prevent a failure, fittings may be used indefinitely but should be inspected to ensure that the sealing flares are not scored by debris or cracked from over tightening, check that there is no leaks from the internal o-rings, and there is no scoring or damage on the fitting nipple that receives the hose.