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Limited Edition GReddy MOMO Alcantara Montecarlo Steering Wheel
  (only 400pcs World Wide) - serialized with MOMO NFC Authenticity Certification

16500211 - LTD

  * With special features unique only to GReddy MOMO Limited Montecarlo model   

Hand Made in Italy by MOMO specifically for GReddy *

Wheel Style 
:  MOMO Montecarlo
Wheel Diameter :  350mm
Wheel Dish (depth front to back) :  40mm dish
Grip Material :  Black Alcantara
Grip Insert  :  Unique Teal Alcantara Centering Stripe *
Grip Section :  32mm x 28mm
Stitching :  Special 3-color MOMO luxury stitching (GReddy Colors) *
Spoke :   MOMO Montecarlo black three-spoke design 
Logo(s) :  
silkscreened GReddy and MOMO logos - center spoke front *
                 silkscreened GReddy message - left spoke rear *

Horn Button :
Flush-mounted GReddy "Ahead of our Time 1994" logo *
Mounting hole pitch : "Import 6-bolt"  PCD=70mm
 +Also Includes :  Horn button cables, flush horn mounting plate, 6 Black flat-head Allen bolts and 3mm Allan L-wrench

MOMO Montecarlo Background 

Drawing its name from the administrative area of the principality of Monaco, a region best known for its historic Formula 1 Grand Prix races, is the MOMO Montecarlo Steering Wheel. The chrome MOMO logo in the center horn button provides a bright accent to Montecarlo’s muted black finish. Its triangular spoke shape was inspired by the famous MOMO Gran Turismo steering wheel of motorsport's past. Experience improved driving control with a thicker grip design. Engraved on the back, the Montecarlo is available to replace an OE steering wheel. 

 MOMO Italy, since 1964 

- --- -

Compatible with common aftermarket "Import" 6-bolt hub pattern steering wheels

   i.e. GReddy, Momo, Sparco, Nardi etc... 
        (not comparable with aftermarket domestic hub pattern steering wheels) 

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* It maybe illegal drive a vehicle, originally equipped with air bags on public roads, please check your local laws before purchasing.