GREDDY INTERCOOLER KIT 300Z Z32 2X T-16 - (12020226)

Sale price$1,380.00

90-96 300ZX Twin Turbo 2x Type-16F Intercooler Kit


[Product composition]
•Intercooler Set - Left and Right
◆Intake tube 50mm aluminum
◆Silicone hose 50mm medium
◆Stay and other short parts type
◆The genuine intercooler air duct cannot be installed.
◆Pumper side stays cannot be installed.
◆Bumper side bracket cannot be installed.
◆Canister tube needs to be bent.
◆OEM hose needs to be cut.
◆OEM air cleaner air duct cannot be installed.

* photo shown with 12020930 Aluminum Piping Set, 12520834 NS-M034 Z32 Airinx Kit, and 11520098 Z32 TD04H 15G 8.5cm Twin Turbo kit