GREDDY COMFORT SPORTS GTS MUFFLER ZN8/ZD8 60-60x2-115#x2 - (10110737)

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10110737 – GReddy Comfort Sport GTS Exhaust – GR86 BRZ(ZN8/ZD8)

[ZN8 / ZD8] GReddy Comfort Sports GTS

Product features

- Rear piece replacement muffler that achieves both high exhaust efficiency and comfortable interior space.

・Titanium-like heat gradation is applied to the 115φ stainless steel tail, creating an impressive rear view.

- All stainless steel buffed finish improves luxury and durability.

・While the straight structure provides a pleasant sound, it also pursues high power and high response.


・Compliant with 2010 noise regulations
・Proximity exhaust noise: 85dB (right) ・84dB (left) / 5250rpm
・Genuine proximity exhaust noise: 83dB (left and right) / 5250rpm
・Minimum ground clearance: 141mm [Main silencer part]
・Fender height : Right front 645mm, left front 640mm, right rear 643mm, left rear 644mm
・Split/Caliber: 60φ/1 split
・Replacement part: Rear piece
・Tail shape: 115φGTS
・Material: SUS

Made in Japan, the JDM-spec., Comfort Sport GTS 60mm axle-back system for the GR86/BRZ, is a direct bolt-on exhaust with very controlled and refine sound quality. The large straight-through, high polished stainless-steel oval CS muffler is one of our quietest systems for the FA24 boxer engine. The system is finished off with the dual 115mm GTS slash-cut double wall stainless steel tips with a burnt-Ti finish.

Years: 2022-
Chassis:   ZN8 / ZD8
Engine:   FA24
Type:   axle-back system
Large oval muffler with dual L&R outlets
Note: TRUST GReddy JDM Spec.
Number of pieces:  1pcs
Piping:   60 mm (2.33")
Tip:    GTS Bunt Ti finish 115mm (4.5")
Resonator:   n/a
Sound: JDM testing R:85dBa L:84dBa 5250RPM

Comfort sports oval muffler COMFORT SPORTS OVAL

Achieving both elegant looks and sports performance

Product features

With the theme of stylish and sports, two types of tail ends (slash tail - GTS / oval tail - GT) create a form that complements the car design.
Specially designed for each model to improve performance. Supports a comfortable drive. Made entirely of stainless steel and buffed to achieve both luxury and durability. A large muffler is used to ensure a comfortable sound that does not impair comfort and road clearance during lowdown. 
* CS oval muffler is a product that emphasizes fitting with the bumper.