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[Specification change information] Oil pan baffle plate for ZN8/ZD8

Specification changes
The material is now stainless steel.

Product features

●The FA24 engine has a structure in which a large amount of engine oil accumulated in the oil pan flows into the front chain cover due to intense braking G when driving on a circuit, so the oil strainer sucks dry and the oil pressure decreases. In the worst case, it may cause engine blowout.

●The GReddy oil pan baffle plate prevents the engine oil from shifting to one side, which tends to occur during acceleration, deceleration, and cornering.By providing multiple louvers on the plate, the oil pan can be smoothly prevented from accumulating on the plate. It is designed to return to.

[Compatible models] Toyota GR86 / Subaru BRZ
Compatible model: ZN8 / ZD8 
Engine model: FA24 Year : 2021.10~ / 2021.08~

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