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GReddy BLOW OFF VALVE FV-II  has adapted Floating Valve structure which does not open up when the Surge Tank has negative pressure. For no strong initial load, both quick response under low boost and prevention of the relief under high pressure are together. This is a new generation blow off valve.  

It inherits the floating valve structure that was popular in the previous FV model, while improving with a more sophisticated design, easier adjustment, and even more reliability.

A hand turning detent knob that adjust the preload setting of the spring does not require any tools. It is also now possible to change the direction of the hose union on the top cover, so it can also be adjusted 360°, also without tools, to best suit your installation.

The mounting flange and inlet retain the same dimensions as previous GReddy blow-off valves (TYPE-RS, RZ, and FV) so the TYPE-FV2 can easily replaced any of the older models. Made in Japan.


Gunmetal/Blue, adjustable detent rotary knob, floating valve, revised funnel outlet 

New 360 degree adjustable top hat - to point the. vacuum fitting. in any direction.

Floating Valve design with opposing springs, alows for improved control, response and idle.

new top hat design allow for rotating of the vacuum nipple without disassmebly of the unit.

80-480hp range

BOV gasket, nuts & bolts

Compatiable with standard 2-bolt GReddy BOV flanges and Type-RZ outlet adapters.

Replacement Parts for Type-FV II (FV, RZ / RS / S) - (here)

To install this product, the GReddy blow off valve mounting flange is required.
In addition, please prepare other necessary parts such as piping and hoses.
Product Name Description Code
Weld-on Mounting Flange Aluminum 11900451
or an 3rd party application specific adapter