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Rocket Bunny Aluminum Lug Nuts - M12 x P1.25

Sale price$180.00
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Color and Size: Black - 20pc Set - M12xP1.25

Color and Size

Rocket Bunny Lug Nuts (20pc. set)

  - Imported directly from TRA Kyoto, Rocket Bunny Pandem, Japan
     - Limited inventory on hand, email for special orders...

M12xP1.25 - fits most Nissan & late-model Subaru (FRS/86)
  (*please check for correct fitment before ordering)

  • Color:   Anodized Gold
  • Type:   Open ended, slim body
  • Length:    Long (60mm)
  • Diameter:   20mm
  • Weight (1) :   31.8 grams
  • Socket Size:   19mm
  • Made form 7075 Aluminum
Rocket Bunny Lug Nuts are a perfect compliment for your Pandem 6666 Wheels and/or Rocket Bunny Pandem aero kit.  Each piece lug nut is marked with the Rocket Bunny logo.  The set of 20 lug nuts are enough for a car with 5 lugs per wheel.
Colors offered: Silver, Black, Gold, Red, Blue, Green and Gun Metal
Sizes offered: M12xP1.25 and M12xP1.50
email us at for possible special orders


**** will only accept orders within North America.