Garage Active X Kakimoto SUS Exhaust(s) (R32/R33/R34)

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Select model:: 44889122 - R32 Garage Active X Kakimoto 90mm Stainless Exhaust - special order

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44889122 - R32 Garage Active X Kakimoto 90mm Stainless Exhaust
44889123 - R33 Garage Active X Kakimoto 90mm Stainless Exhaust
44889124 - R34 Garage Active X Kakimoto 90mm Stainless Exhaust

This stainless steel muffler, co-developed by Garage Active and Kakimoto Racing, is made for BNR32, BCNR33, and BNR34. The 90φ diameter and 1.0 mm plate thickness of this exhaust provide a lightweight design that offers a pleasant sound. It is also compatible with the rear diffuser of the BNR34.

Material: All stainless steel
Pipe diameter: 90φ
Tyco diameter: 152φ (Tyco inside is 90φ without aperture) Tail diameter: 114.3φ
Plate thickness: 1.0mm (tail wall thickness 1.5mm, Tyco wall thickness 1.2mm)

1989-94  Nissan (BNR32) Skyline GT-R
1995-98  Nissan (BCNR33) Skyline GT-R
1999-02  Nissan (BNR34) Skyline GT-R 

Garage Active, Japan