Garage Active Dry Carbon Cooling Pannel (R32/R33/R34)

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Select model:: 44883112 - BNR32 Dry Carbon Cooling Panel

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44883112 - Active original BNR32 Dry Carbon Cooling Panel 
44883113 - Active original BCNR33 Dry Carbon Cooling Panel 
44883114 - Active original BNR34 Dry Carbon Cooling Panel 

This super lightweight, thin but stiff dry carbon cooling panel is designed for use specifically for the BNR32, BCNR33, or BNR34. It effectively regulates air flow in the engine room, enhancing the performance of the radiator. There is a SS Active logo sealed under the gloss topside while the underside has a matte finish.  Customizations, such as Kevlar options, can be made available upon special-order request.

1989-94  Nissan (BNR32) Skyline GT-R
1995-98  Nissan (BCNR33) Skyline GT-R
1999-02  Nissan (BNR34) Skyline GT-R

Garage Active, Japan