Optional / Sirius OBD II (ISO CAN) Harness set

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16401938 JDM Page Compatibility Chart (pdf) before purchasing 

OBD II ISO CAN Harness Set
Easy OBD II connection harness for Sirius Vision and Sirius Unify (use of Sirius Control Unit necessary)

With the use of this plug and play Sirius (OBD II) ISO CAN communication cable (Compatible models only.) It is now possible to connect your vehicles ECU readings to the Sirius Control Unit, to display sensor readings like: boost, water temperature, intake air temperature, RPM, vehicle speed, and/or voltage patterns on the clear Sirius Vision or Sirius Unify. (only Boost and Water temp for the analog Sirius Meters)

(* The connection of a stand alone GReddy Sirius pressure or temperature sensor will over ride that particular reading from the control unit option.)

** A GReddy Sirius Control Unit is required for Sirius Meter, Vision & Unify sets.


     * SIRIUS CONTROL UNIT IS REQUIRED FOR SIRIUS VISION, METER, & UNIFY SETS (with serial number GSI-8000 or higher only)

    Also available are Sirius OBD Sets, which include the Meter, Control Unit and OBD Harness...

    NOTE: ** Control Unit, Vision, and Unify whose serial number is earlier than GSI - 8000 require updating. (details to come)


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       (which include the OBD Harness, Control Unit and choice of Gauge - all with serial number GSI-8000 or higher)