GReddy Heat Resistant Sleeving - Black

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Select Size: GReddy AN16 / 32mm Heat Sleeving (per foot) - 12891632

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* Sold by the foot.  i.e. for 3 feet, select Quantity: 3.

Greddy fireproof sleeve utilizes high-temperature-resistant glass fiber woven at a 45° angle, with an organic heat-resistant silica gel coating applied and processed at high temperatures. This design ensures exceptional properties such as high temperature resistance, splash protection, and resistance to aging. these are extensively used to protect oil and fuel hoses from heat, fire and in highly abrasive areas as an insulator.

Specifications: Working on inner diameters ranging from Φ6mm to Φ150mm.

Performance parameters: Capable of continuous use at temperatures of up to 260℃, with instantaneous temperature resistance reaching up to 1650℃. It meets flame retardant grade vw-1 standards and boasts tear strength exceeding 10Mpa.

* Ideal for use with GReddy Nylon Braided Hoses 

GReddy 10mm, 15mm, 18mm, 22mm, 25mm, & 32mm Dia. Heat Resistant Sleeves

12890410 - 1ft. of AN04 / 10mm GReddy Heat Sleeving
12890615 - 1ft. of AN06 / 15mm GReddy Heat Sleeving
12890818 - 1ft of AN08 / 18mm GReddy Heat Sleeving
12891022 - 1ft of AN10 / 22mm GReddy Heat Sleeving
12891225 - 1ft of AN12 / 25mm GReddy Heat Sleeving
12891632 - 1ft of AN16 / 32mm  GReddy Heat Sleeving