GReddy Civic Type R Intercooler Kit(s) - FK8

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Intercooler Core Size: Large Type 28E Intercooler Kit - 12058101

Intercooler Core Size

Greddy Performance Products Intercooler upgrade kit(s)
    - NOW 50 STATE STREET LEGAL 2017-2020 (updated CARB EO D-397-12)

 12058101 - Type 28E Intercooler Core (Large)
 12058103 - Type 24E Intercooler Core (XL)

Engine: 2.0L  (K20C1) turbocharged I4

Years: 2017-20 
  (FK8) Civic Type-R

*Ideal for use with GPP "Competition-only" Front Bumper Support

Dyno Info.

GReddy Performance Products  Intercooler Kit - 12058101
 Type-28E Core Dim: L600 / H248 / W66 mm
   (early production model will feature welded sheet metal end-tanks)
 Aluminum intercooler piping, hoses, brackets

GReddy Performance Products  Intercooler Kit - 12058103
 Type-24E Core Dim: L600 / H284 / W66 mm
 Aluminum intercooler piping, hoses, brackets

for stock turbos or GPP turbo kit

* Compatible with GPP Civic Type-R Oil Cooler kit