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GReddy Oil Cooler KIT STD 13row VAB

Product features

■An ideal oil cooler that has succeeded in increasing heat dissipation and reducing pressure loss.■ 
Developed a special extraction pipe with consideration to safety in routing around the exhaust manifold.

oil line pipe

The oil cooler kit has a structure in which a block is placed at the oil element installation part to take out the oil.

However, the oil outlet of the EJ engine is surrounded by the exhaust manifold, making it extremely susceptible to heat. In the worst case scenario, we have determined that the mesh hose that comes with the regular kit is extremely dangerous, as the hose may be damaged.

Therefore, we have developed a kit that can be used safely even on the harshest circuits by using a metal pipe instead of the usual mesh hose.


・Oil cooler core 13 stages L600 x H284 x W66 (in front of radiator)
・Oil line extraction pipe 
・Built-in thermostat (operating temperature 75℃ to 82℃±2℃) 
・Nylon mesh hose
・Trust original black alumite fitting 
・Working time 4 ~5 hours  
・Center bolt M20 x P1.5 engines require an oil filter with center bolt size 3/4-16 UNF (GReddy oil filters OX-01 1500, OX-02 1600, OX-03 1500 are applicable) .

[Compatible models] Subaru WRX STi 

Compatible model: VAB 
Engine model: 
EJ20 Year : 14.08-20.04

TRUST CODE: 12064609