GReddy Performance Products RB28 Crate Engine Program

GReddy Performance Products RB28 Crate Engine Program

   Fully Machined and Assembled GReddy RB Long Block

  • Displacement:                   2,717.5cc  (stock 2,568cc)
  • Compression Ratio:         9.25:1        (stock 8.5:1)
  • Bore:                                  86.15mm   (stock 86mm)
  • Stroke:                               77.7mm     (stock 73.7mm)
  • Max RPM:                          9500RPM  (stock 7,600 RPM)

   * No Core Exchanges Required


TOP END:   Greddy Performance Products RB Cylinder Heads

  • Brand New Nismo Heritage Program Cylinder Heads
  • GPP Head Modifications:
    • Fully CNC Ported Intake and Exhaust Ports
    • CNC machined combustion chamber
    •  Combustion / Port Volume matched to within 0.2% difference
  • Camshaft: Billet G2, (Made in the USA)
    • IN 272 / 10.5mm Lift / 238 duration
    • EX 276 / 10.55mm Lift / 242 duration
  • GPP precision Camshaft Clearance:
    • Head has been clearanced for high-lift camshafts
  • GPP Cam Cap Hardware kit, (Made in the USA)
    • 304SS Hex Head studs and Chrome-moly nuts.
    • GReddy-engraved baffle plate
  • Lifters: CNC valve lifters with DLC (Diamond Like Coating)
    • Inner Shim Design
  • Valves: Intake and Exhaust
    • +1mm Intake Valves
    • +1mm. Inconel Exhaust Valves 
  • Valve Seats: Genuine OEM Nissan
  • Valve Guides: Manganese Bronze
    • with high flow profile
  • Valve Seals: Viton
  • Valve Springs: GPP Single Conical Spring
  • Retainers: Titanium Retainers
  • Cam Sprockets: GReddy Adjustable Intake and Exhaust
  • Timing Belt: GReddy High Performance Belt
  • Head Gasket: GReddy 1.2mm, Metal
  • Head Bolts: ARP Custom Age 625 Headstuds
  • Oiling Modifications:
    • Oil Restrictor modification installed
        (to maintain oil in block and decrease pooling in cylinder head)


BOTTOM END:   Greddy Performance Products RB26 Engine Block

  • Brand New Nismo Heritage Program Engine Block 
  • GPP precision Block Modifications:
    • Block deck resurfacing.
    • Coolant passage machining.
    • Head bolt hole chamfering.
    • NO BORE (to maintain maximum cylinder wall strength)
      • Only CNC Hone on cylinder walls
        (to achieve GPP spec: rpk, rk, rvk,
          and crosshatch angle for high RPM.)
  • Piston: GPP HD Forged Pistons (Made in the USA)
    • Anodized and High Temp Ceramic Crown Coating
  • Piston Rings: High Performance Ring Set
  • Connecting Rod: GPP Billet X-Beam Design (Made in the USA)
    • 300M construction
    • with 7/16" ARP 2000 Rod Bolts
  • Crankshaft: GPP Billet Full Counterweight. (Made in the USA)
    • Highspeed CNC balanced within 0.25 grams.
    • Coated with Teflon low friction LTC coating.
    • Journals are micro polished chemically and cured.
  • Main Bearings: ACL Bearings (coated)
    • Each bearing is precision measured & checked
  • Connecting Rod Bearings: ACL Bearings (coated)
    • Each bearing is precision measured & checked
  • Upgraded Oil Pump: Nismo N1 pump housing
    • with Billet Oil Pump gears and DLC coating
  • Line Honed to GPP spec
  • Main Studs: ARPpro 2000 main studs. 
  • Rear Main Seal: Genuine OEM real main seal. 
  • Additional GPP Build Processes:
    • Fully assembled in clean room, temp control.
    • Honing performed with head plate on Rottlier CNC Hone Machine
    • Head Resurfaced to GPP spec for rpk, rk, rvk for excellent sealing
    • Valvetrain assembly performed with head plate to ensure flatness
    • GPP torque plate is used for CNC valve job and torque plate is also used to lash valve clearance.

* DLC-diamond like coating,  rpk -peak roughness, rk -core roughness, rvk -valley roughnes

+  Long Block Assembly Includes: Balanced and Blueprinted 

  • GReddy Billet Covers
    • IN/EX Valve Covers with -10AN Breather outlets 
      * Billet Oil Filler Cap included   
      * Center (optional VR Coil-pack bracket sold seperately)
    • Upper Front Cover (* Cam Timing Sensor not included)
    • GReddy Billet Lower Timing Cover
  • Fluidamper Crank Pulley with New Crank Bolt (installed)
  • GReddy Adjustable Cam Gears (IN/EX)
  • GReddy Extreme Timing Belt  (blue)
  • New Genuine OEM Nissan Timing Belt Tensioner
  • GReddy JIS 8 Spark Plugs (6)
  • GPP Metal Gaskets: (head, exhaust, intake, throttle bodies)
  • Nismo Coolant Thermostat
  • New Genuine OEM Nissan Water Pump
  • GReddy QX-03 Oil Filter
  • Motul Break-In Engine Oil  (10W-40)
  • GReddy Billet Engine Hoist Brackets (front and back)
  • New Genuine OEM Nissan Exhaust Studs (12)


*  Optional Parts, not Included but also available from GPP :

  •  Coolant Barbs on the block, (as they differ for R32/ R33/ R34)
  •  Water Neck located on engine block
  •  Engine Oil Pickup Tube
  •  Engine Oil Pan
  •  Engine Oil Dip stick and tube
  •  Billet Bracket and hardware for Nissan R35 Ignition Coils.
      (No modification to coils is needed)
  •  Any other items not listed are not included