Blow-Off Valves

GReddy Blow Off Valves are easily adjustable to eliminate compressor surge and preventing premature boost leakage, while increasing boost response between shifts. Each valve is made of durable cast and billet aluminum frame and the valve to diaphragm ratio provides performance that cheap piston types cannot offer. The spring stiffness adjustment screw and the three different models give the GReddy user the option to match vehicles with mild upgrades to heavily tuned engines.  - Blow Off Valve FV

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Item Type Size Description PART #
Blow-off Valve Type FV Black 40mm

Floating Valve Design - Black Limited 

Item: Blow-off Valve
Type: Type FV Black
Size: 40mm


Coated in the USA, this thin-film surface coating protects with a tough durable black finish. It offers a distinct high-end look and feel to our GReddy Type FV BOV. The performance ceramic coating offers unmatched corrosion and chemical resistance, as well as improved temperature protection. 


GReddy BLOW OFF VALVE FV has adapted Floating Valve structure which does not open up when the Surge Tank has negative pressure. For no strong initial load, both quick response under low boost and prevention of the relief under high pressure are together. This is a new generation blow off valve.


Limited Edition - Black Ceracote / Blue annodized finish

Black/Blue, adjustable floating valve, revised funnel outlet (Blue)

Floating Valve design with opposing springs, alows for improved control, response and idle.

new top hat design allow for rotating of the vacuum nipple without disassmebly of the unit.

80-480hp range

BOV gasket, nuts & bolts

Compatiable with standard 2-bolt GReddy BOV flanges and Type-RZ outlet adapters.

Replacement Parts for Type-FV (RZ / RS / S) - (here)


􏰀o To install this product, the G􏰅eddy blow off valve mounting flange is required.
In addition, please prepare other necessary parts such as piping and hoses.
Product Name Description Code
Weld-on Mounting Flange Aluminum 11900451
or an 3rd party application specific adapter



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Part #: 11501672
Price: 320.00