Intercooler Kits

Application specific Intercooler upgrades kits with properly sized cores, mounting, aluminum piping, silicone hosing, and hardware.

Oil Cooler Kits

Maintain consistant oil tempatures and pressures for maxium oil protection.

Oil Block Adapters

Aid oil filter changes and alter clearance issues

Oil Block Adapters: Simplfy attaching oil temp & pressure gauge sensors

Radiator & Accessories

Allows for air expantion in cooling system.

When increasing the power of your vehicle, it is important to also consider heat management. A vehicle’s efficiency and longevity is effected drastically by heat. GReddy’s decades of experience and knowledge in high performance products over the years, has lead to effective cooling solutions: GReddy Intercoolers for cooler turbocharger inlet temperatures, GReddy Oil Coolers with thermostats for Engine and Drivetrain components and various Radiator-related items for the engine’s coolant/water system.