Multi D/A Gauges

62mm Digital / Analog Multi Meter with Wireless Remote Control

Profec Boost Controllers
  • Profec 
  • PRofec B-spec. 2
Informeter Touch

3.5" Touch -screen monitor vehicle data, with warning, datalogging, and DTC

Turbo Timers

Electroinic protection for your turbocharger

e-Manage Ultimate

Advanced Engine Control System & Application Specific Plug-in Harnesses

Gauge Accessories

Accessories and repacement parts for GReddy gauges

GReddy’s Electronic Department is lead by its Japanese theme of "Take it easy!" In addition to pushing the envelope for effective electronic displays and controls, the end goal is to provide useful features that are easy to monitor and control, even when the systems themselves are very complex.

Our flagship system is our technologically advanced e-manage Ultimate and original e-Manage engine management units. These systems link onto the vehicle’s factory engine control management, thereby using the vehicle’s existing sensors, ECU and internal drivability tuning as a base for further fine tuning or advanced tuning for boost or higher boost applications.

Another very popular line is our PRofec Electronic Boost Controllers. These units allow you to raise the boost of our turbocharged vehicle while increasing boost response and aiding in maintaining boost consistency throughout the RPM range.

Our current line of Turbo Timers gives convenience and protection for your turbocharger at a very economical price, by allowing you to cool down the oil in the turbo’s center cartage before you shut down the engine.

The Remote Switching System and Multi Switching System are used to activate other GReddy electronic devices as well as other electronic systems with the use of available optional adapters.

Boost Cut Controllers and Speed Cut Controllers electronically eliminate the factory’s ECU’s restrictive limiters,

And for monitoring vital engine data, we offer the Informeter to read a large list of key operating data directly from the vehicle’s own sensors. For additional precision we offer our full line of easy to see Electronic Gauges with there own high-grade sensors. While the Warning Gauges even allow you to set critical warning points to look out for, along with a peak value memory recall feature. GReddy Gauges are available for turbo boost pressure, exhaust gas temperature, fuel pressure, oil pressure, oil temperature and water temperature.